23.5.2012 18:00 bis 28.5.2012 14:00

The east shield of human nature / Ostschild der menschlichen Natur

The east shield of human nature – The power of the unexpected and wild
Ostschild der menschlichen Natur – Die Kraft des Unerwarteten und Wilden

Into the realms of our imagination there are no borders. Stepping beyond cultural and personal stories we enter a fertile ground where possibilities abound and anything is possible. When we dare to imagine we are more than we think we are, we surrender to our relationship with Spirit. We become a vehicle for healing, and the yearning of the universe toward wholeness and balance. For this we must get out of the way, risk our personal comfort zones, and trust in the creative, generous nature of Spirit.

In order to enter this regenerative arena it asks that we know our own foundational ground of being, familiar with the stories of who we are, what defines us, what calls us to reach beyond our personal existence. Before surrendering to our wild, creative nature, there is the question of intent. Do we choose to use this power of ours for the healing of others, or merely for self-empowerment? Here lies a personal choice that must be made again and again. In this 6-day seminar you will explore your relationship with our spiritual nature and the wisdom that it evokes with each turn of our maturation. You will practice shapeshifting, meet the trickster, explore your deepest values, erase and reestablish borders, become no-name and drop into the fertile ground of emptiness where there is no difference between sacred and profane. There will be time alone each afternoon, across thresholds of imaginary separation, with councils and mirroring of stories each evening. Meredith Little

“In the spring shield of human nature, death and birth, mortal and divine, nature and spirit, are inseparable one. The trickster knows this, and does not know it, and all the while is inexorably drawn to the light”. — Steven Foster, The Four Shields of Human Nature

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Mit Meredith Little und Team

Kosten: € 420.-/ Seminarsprache: Englisch

Ort: bei Mittersill/Salzburg

Unterkunft und Verpflegung: zw. €  290.- bis €  350.-

Kursnr.: 11682



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