1.10.2016 18:00 bis 6.10.2016 13:00

The Art of Telling Our Story and Deep Listening

“The task of our time is to learn to hear each other into speech, into deeper and deeper speech”.                                                         — Nell Morton

Through our stories we create ourselves, our relationships, and our world, bringing life and soul to the fullness of our connection to all that is around us. Not only is the skill of telling a full story about who and where we are in our life essential for our growth, but a primary way in which we support our people to integrate and mature into their lives as we listen deeply to them. A basic human need is to feel heard and seen, and so the art of learning to tell our story, expressing our hearts, souls and thoughts, is vital. As vital is the art of deeply listening through all of our senses, recognizing that we are taught not only through our minds, but through listening with heart and soul. And so we love. Like an in-breath and an out-breath we listen and create stories from what we hear, as an expression of connection and love.

During this week together we will sit in council each morning, spend solo time on the land each afternoon, and each late afternoon and evening we will listen to, witness and mirror the stories brought back from this ceremonial time. We will explore the many ways and levels of expression that we are capable of using in the telling of our stories, while practicing our ability to know when it is time to set our own story aside, and to deeply listen to the other with attention and heart.

Sa. 01. Oktober (18.00 Uhr) bis Do. 06. Oktober 2016 (13.00 Uhr)

Meredith Little & Team

Die Lichtung/NÖ

€ 450,- (€ 410,- Frühzahlerpreis bis 1.März 2016)

Unterkunft und Verpflegung:
ca. € 64,- bis € 82,- pro Tag


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