26.9.2014 18:00 bis 1.10.2014 14:00

Healing in the 4 Shields

Heilung in und mit den 4 Schilden – ein Spezialseminar für Erfahrene
mit Meredith Little  und Team
von 26.September, 18.00  bis 1. Oktober 2014, 14.00
im Gruberhof, Mittersill, Salzburg, Österreich

Health implies well-being, and healing the restoration of balance and wholeness.  In the teaching of the Four Shields we see that all of nature has a natural healing impulse that carries us through the natural transitions of our life, and through our dying and death.  This kind of healing is far bigger than fixing what is broken.

Life is inevitably full of crisis, stress, illness, and trauma.  Our nature knows how to show up and integrate these times, and move toward new balance incorporating the changes.  When we have been unable to process trauma, we become stuck and fall ill physically, psychologically, mentally or spiritually.  When we have access to the resources of a full shield system, we enable our nature to move again toward harmony and wholeness.

What does the Four Shields teaching tell us about returning balance to our lives?  How do we support healing of our self, our relationships, our families and communities?  How do we heal the contemporary splits between human and nature, sacred and profane, “us” and “other” which leads to illness, isolation and disharmony?

During this week together we will sit in council each morning, spend solo time on the land each afternoon, and listen to, witness and mirror the stories brought back from this ceremonial time each late afternoon and evening. Before our councils each morning there will be offered different healing practices to explore and open our day.

Kosten: € 440.-, Kursnummer:12396;  plus Vp zw. 56.- bis 67.-/ Tag


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