28.9.2017 18:00 bis 3.10.2017 13:00

The 4 Shields of Freedom: Gastseminar mit Meredith Little

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The concept of freedom has been at the core of human yearning since the earliest stories shared around the fire.  It has meant many things depending on the times, the culture, the circumstances.  Today is a good day to once again enliven the word’s meaning for ourselves.  What is it that our nature yearns for?  What freedoms do we hold ourselves back from?  What is the relationship between personal freedom and community with one other or many others?

When we look into the nature-based wisdom of the Four Shields teaching, there are wonderful hints of what freedoms our nature is hardwired for, and what this freedom-of-self means in our relationship with others and with community and a world rich in diversity.  Does our freedom necessarily limit that of others?  How can we be in loving relationship and free at the same time? How then can we nurture the freedom of all beings, while living in a world of appreciation and cooperation?

During this week together we will sit in council each morning, spend solo time on the land each afternoon, and each late afternoon and evening we will listen to, witness and mirror the stories brought back from this ceremonial time. 

Meredith Little & Team

Do. 28. September (18.00 Uhr) bis Di. 3. Oktober 2017 (13.00 Uhr)

Gruberhof, Mittersill/Salzburg

€ 450,- (FrühzahlerInnen bis Fr. 7. April 2017: € 410,-)

Unterkunft und Verpflegung:
€ 58,- bis € 70,- pro Tag

in  Kooperation mit Womenandearth, Susann Belz


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