25.9.2015 18:00 bis 30.9.2015 13:00

The Wheel of ancestors / Medizinrad der AhnInnen

Our Roots and our Wings
We are the ancestors of the future

mit Meredith Little  

Of all the possible collectives to which we belong, the field of our ancestors has a particularly strong impact on us. The term ancestor sounds strange to many people in the modern world, nevertheless it is the ancestors who have gone before us and make up a large part of our roots. Most of us have lost touch with our roots, but the ancestors never stopped singing. They have always been there, they have always supported us, and now it is time that they may again take back their place in our life.

In this ancestral field that penetrates the whole soul, we find not only the presence of those ancestors who have propagated themselves. The tribal soul includes everyone who belongs to the ancestor’s array, including those who have died young and have never brought children into the world.

The myths of a culture are the spiritual teachings, handed down through their ancestors from generation to generation. In mythical poems and stories the ancestors tell us of their life journeys, their travels in the wilderness, their shamanic journeys, their vision quest and their battles, their triumphs and tragedies, their values and passions.

The triumphs of the ancestors, their failures, their hopes and disappointments, they are all in some way still here. Their strengths as well as their burdens have the same effect on us. By reconnecting with these lineages we also open the possibility of healing old wounds that have been passed down from generation to generation, strengthening the ancestral lines behind as well as in front of us. In this way we also begin to take responsibility for being the ancestors of the future.

The intent of this seminar is to activate the knowledge of our ancestors in our cells, so that we have more opportunities to face the challenges of today. 
We would like to invite you to come in contact with your roots, to trace the trail of your ancestors, to hear their message and to respond to the original power of life which expresses itself in your ancestors as well as in yourself. By reconnecting we will remember an inheritance that could make it possible to bring more balance to the earth for the benefit of all.

With stories and songs, rituals, trance postures, shamanic journeying, initiatory experiences in nature and healing ceremonies, we dive into the life and faith of our ancestors and explore their significance for us today. The ancestral journey is a journey into the past, which can lead to yourself. And from here – with strong roots in the earth – may the tree of your being stretching its branches, your wings, far out into the sky and into the future.


Leitung: Meredith Little, Susann Belz und Team
Fr. 25. September (18 Uhr) bis Mi. 30. September 2015 (13 Uhr)
Ort: Gruberhof, Mittersill/Salzburg
Kosten: € 440,- plus Unterkunft und Verpflegung zw. € 56,- und 67,- pro Tag

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In Kooperation mit Susann Belz-women and earth  und der School of Lost Borders


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